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Kid’s classes at The HIT Squad are focused on building a positive attitude, an appreciation of self-discipline, and a sense of respect for peers and teachers all while having a blast. Students are rewarded for positive behavior through recognition and new belts given to them by their instructors.


Our program is designed to help young students effectively handle the challenges they’ll likely face, such as time management, homework, and even bullies. We focus on providing kid’s the tools to deal with life’s many challenges, all while ensuring they have a great time!

Kid’s classes are always an exceptional way to promote good health and fitness skills in children. From an early age, the young student learns first hand the value of athletic actives, the positive impact it has on their mood and the comradely they feel amongst teammates.

Many of our students and parents regularly travel around the United States as a team and compete in Judo and Jiu-Jitsu tournaments and other competitions.

Interested in trying kid’s classes at The HIT Squad? We offer 14 days free and encourage any parents to get their kids involved in martial arts at an early age. Contact us now on our website or call us today at 618-452-8561 to get started.