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MMA Classes at The HIT Squad focus on both beginner and advanced. Our classes are taught by professional fighters who actively compete in the sports they teach. Our instructors aren’t part-time. Their full-time job is to constantly improve their own skills and teach our members.


New members are introduced to MMA in our Beginner MMA Class. These classes focus on the fundamentals of MMA and getting members in great shape. New comers are given individual attention to ensure they learn the basics, building a strong base for moving forward in the sport. Beginner classes are also geared toward fun, introducing the students to MMA in a non-intimidating environment where learning, conditioning, and having a great time are paramount.

Our Advanced MMA classes prepare our mixed martial artists for competition. The classes focus on mid to high-level techniques, incorporating wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, and jiu-jitsu with the goal of producing the best possible athletes.

Interested in trying an MMA class at The HIT Squad? We offer 14 days absolutely free, and encourage anyone to stop by and try our class. You won’t be disappointed. Call us at 618-452-8561 or contact us now via our online form.