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Member Spotlight: John Mattingly

A former ice hockey player at the University of Dayton, The HIT Squad member John Mattingly now divides his time between coaching ice hockey at DeSmet Jesuit High School, owning and operating Mattingly Lumber and Millwork, and training with professional fighter and wrestling coach Ryan Sutton–Oh, not to mention, he’s also a licensed attorney!

“Not only does Ryan push me very hard mentally and physically,” says Mattingly of his personal trainer, “he also is respectful of my schedule—a true professional.

“When we train we focus on the task at hand. I have always been an active weight lifter, but with Ryan’s help I have broadened my training. We don’t just go through the motions of a typical “workout.” He keeps it fresh and exciting. I would have never tried MMA if it had not been for Ryan.”

Mattingly, a life-long athelete, goes on to describe the difference between The HIT Squad and other gyms. He explains, “The results I have had are probably not typical—I’ve actively trained for years with trainers. The HIT Squad is different, the results I have experienced are mental. After a kickboxing class or MMA training, I feel mentally stronger, more confident to tackle my everyday problems.” He continues, “The best facility I have ever trained at… period, end of story.”

As a collegiate athlete turned high-school coach, Mattingly has involved himself in weight-training and excercise his entire life, but his training at The HIT Squad is the first time he has incorporated martial arts.

Mattingly states, “I am active in the kickboxing, MMA, and BJJ programs at The HIT Squad. The classes are very controlled and safe but can be very intense. It is one of the only times in my day where I can truly clear my head of all the stress at work and home.”

John is one of the staples in the community at The HIT Squad. He says, “The community at The HIT Squad is the best part. I train with folks from all walks of life: blue collar, white collar, students, professionals, athletes, and everything in between. When you step into a ring, desperate for air, completely exhausted, and you know your partner is facing the same thing, there is an immediate bond.”

Awesome! We appreciate everything you do, John, and thank you for the interview!

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