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Member Spotlight: Jeremy Johnson

We caught up with Jeremy Johnson, a life-long martial artists and long-time Hit Squad member who has trained everything from kickboxing to MMA and BJJ. We quizzed Jeremy on his Judo experience below:

What is Judo?

In 1882, Professor Jigaro Kano founded the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, Japan, which still is the international authority for Judo. It is a modern adaptation of traditional Japanese jiujitsu. The founder, Dr. Kano, stated that Judo is the elevation of an art to a principle. In studying Judo, it is essential to train the body and to cultivate the mind through the practice of methods of attack and defense. At The Hit Squad, our coaching staff features international-level Head Coach, George Stanich, who is recognized throughout the world in the sport of Judo. Judo is quite different from other martial arts, as people of all ages and athletic abilities are able to thrive due to the fact that brute strength does not play a role. Judo can also play an important role in the lives of children, as it will build confidence and discipline with its structured training and work outs. The coaches at The Hit Squad are all very familiar in working with both children and adults, as well as all skill levels from national champions to people looking for a good workout.

When did you start training Judo?

I started training in Judo about 4 years ago while training at another gym in MMA. It was not a real structured program like we have at the Hit Squad, but it was where I found the desire to learn more about Judo.

What makes Judo different from other martial arts?

Judo is a martial art that basically size doesn’t matter, Its more based on leverage, technique, and skill.

How has Judo / training Judo affected your life?

Judo has become a passion in my life. It is my main focus in martial arts as I am working toward a shodan (1st degree black belt) It has also brought me close to my kids as it has been a sport that we can all train and progress together.

How have you seen the Judo program change over the years?

The program at The Hit Squad is always evolving as you progress further into the sport. It works very well with all levels from the international competitor to the first day beginner. Everyone will learn something new in every class. Once day you may train with national and international champions who have come to George to prepare for matches all over the world or with athletes who are training for a spot on the Olympic team, then the next work with some people who are nervous as it is there first time ever stepping on a mat to begin the journey in martial arts.

What type of people train Judo? Who shows up to class?

All type of people train in Judo! Our classes will have everyone from 4 year old children, to Olympic level athletes and everything in between. Classes are always a wide variety of ages, skill levels, and sizes.

Is Judo good for children?

I personally think Judo is great for children. Both my son and daughter have been involved for over 2 years now. Judo keeps the kids in shape, aides in discipline, confidence, and morale.

What makes the hit squad facility a good place for Judo?

The Hit Squad is just about the best facility I have seen for any type of martial art or combat sport. The training areas are large and accommodate large classes. The workout facility provides for any type of weight training that is needed to go along with your particular sport, and the coaches are always willing to help.

Thanks for the interview, Jeremy! It’s folks like you who define the community at The Hit Squad!

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