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Striking classes at The HIT Squad are a great way to learn confidence-building self-defense skills while having a blast and getting in great shape. We offer kickboxing and boxing classes for beginners and advanced members, from an individual looking to get in shape while having fun to the individual preparing for competition.


Our classes are geared toward all genders and body tapes, and we take special care to provide a comfortable, intimidation free environment for all members. One of the advantages of training at a real martial arts facility is that the staff lives what they teach: we are respectful and friendly, and our peers, coaches, and students are important to us.

Like all classes at The HIT Squad, beginners are given individual attention to ensure they learn the fundamental techniques of striking from the early stages. Our students learn at their own pace, all while under the supervision of a professional.

Our instructors are professional fighters who actively compete in the sports they teach. You don’t have to worry about being taught ineffective techniques by someone coaching part-time. Our instructors’ full-time job is to constantly improve their own skills and to teach our members the valuable techniques that work in an actual self-defense situation.

Whether you’re looking to compete or just have a blast working out, kickboxing and boxing are a great way to achieve your goals. Want to try our kickboxing at The HIT Squad for 14 days free? Call us at 618-452-8561 or sign up on our Contact page today!