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Judo at The HIT Squad is an excellent way to learn an ancient martial art that is still very effective today. Our Judo program focuses on teaching members, young and old, the functional and traditional aspects of Judo while providing a means for members to get in great physical condition.


Judo is great for kids and adults. Our students range from 4 years old to retired grand parents to professional fighters. We concentrate on building a safe, family-friendly atmosphere, and ensure that all members feel comfortable in a friendly environment. Want to learn more about kid’s classes? Visit our Kid’s Classes page.

The comradely amongst our Judo program is exceptional. Our students often travel together to competitions, representing The HIT Squad as a team.

Judo is an often-overlooked self-defense tool that teaches an individual how to subdue an attacker in seconds using take-downs, ground control, and submissions. Our members practice throws using mats and pads, ensuring the techniques are learned in a safe environment. In a self-defense situation, there are no pads, and Judo throws onto the floor or street can be devastated to an attacker. That said, we focus a great deal of energy on ensuring our members, young and old, understand when and where and whether to use Judo in a self-defense situation if the need arises.

Interested in trying Judo at The HIT Squad? We offer 14 days FREE. Sign up now on our contact page or call us at 618-452-8561!